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    Tree mortality and biomass loss in drought-aff ected forests of East Texas,USA 认领
    作者 Mukti Ram Subedi Weimin Xi +2 位作者 Christopher B.Edgar Sandra Rideout-Hanzak Ming Yan 《林业研究:英文版》 SCIE CAS 2021年第1期67-80,共14页
    Changes in tree mortality due to severe drought can alter forest structure,composition,dynamics,ecosystem services,carbon fl uxes,and energy interactions between the atmosphere and land surfaces.We utilized long-term(... Changes in tree mortality due to severe drought can alter forest structure,composition,dynamics,ecosystem services,carbon fl uxes,and energy interactions between the atmosphere and land surfaces.We utilized long-term(2000?2017,3 full inventory cycles)Forest Inventory and Analysis(FIA)data to examine tree mortality and biomass loss in drought-aff ected forests for East Texas,USA.Plots that experienced six or more years of droughts during those censuses were selected based on 12-month moderate drought severity[Standardized Precipitation Evaporation Index(SPEI)-1.0].Plots that experienced other disturbances and inconsistent records were excluded from the analysis.In total,222 plots were retained from nearly 4000 plots.Generalized nonlinear mixed models(GNMMs)were used to examine the changes in tree mortality and recruitment rates for selected plots.The results showed that tree mortality rates and biomass loss to mortality increased overall,and across tree sizes,dominant genera,height classes,and ecoregions.An average mortality rate of 5.89%year?1 during the study period could be incited by water stress created by the regional prolonged and episodic drought events.The overall plot and species-group level recruitment rates decreased during the study period.Forest mortality showed mixed results regarding basal area and forest density using all plots together and when analyzed the plots by stand origin and ecoregion.Higher mortality rates of smaller trees were detected and were likely compounded by densitydependent factors.Comparative analysis of drought-induced tree mortality using hydro-meteorological data along with drought severity and length gradient is suggested to better understand the eff ects of drought on tree mortality and biomass loss around and beyond East Texas in the southeastern United States. 展开更多
    关键词 Generalized nonlinear mixed model Endogenous factors Drought index Standardized precipitation evaporation index(SPEI) Above-ground biomass Competition index Biomass lost to mortality East Texas
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    文章速递High Quality Bio-Oil Obtained from Catalyzed Pyrolysis of Olive Mill Solid Wastes in a Bi-Functional Reactor 认领
    作者 Nabil Tabaja Ahmad Kassas +5 位作者 Soumaya Hamieh Rana Haidar Maria-Laura Foddis Joumana Toufaily T. Jean Daou Tayssir Hamieh 《材料科学与应用期刊(英文)》 2021年第1期52-77,共26页
    Olive Mill Solid Wastes (OMSW) released in nature without any treatment is a major environmental problem in the Mediterranean region. In this work, the catalyzed pyrolysis of OMSW has been investigated. A catalyst bas... Olive Mill Solid Wastes (OMSW) released in nature without any treatment is a major environmental problem in the Mediterranean region. In this work, the catalyzed pyrolysis of OMSW has been investigated. A catalyst based on SBA-15 mesoporous silica doped with chromium ferrite nanoparticles was prepared by the double solvent technique (DS). The prepared catalyst was characterized by scanning electron microscopy (SEM), Wide and Small Angle X-ray Scattering (WAXS, SAXS), Energy Dispersive X-ray (EDX) and FT-IR spectroscopies. Reverse spinel chromium ferrite nanoparticles were located inside the SBA-15 pores as confirmed by SEM images. The obtained catalyst was tested for pyrolysis reactions of OMSW. Several parameters were studied to optimize the conditions of the pyrolysis reaction in order to increase the bio-oil conversion yield. The GC-MS results demonstrated that the quality of the obtained bio-oil was improved by decreasing the quantity of phenolic and oxygenated components as well as the size of the obtained molecules. The produced bio-oil from pyrolysis of OMSW is identical to that obtained from the pyrolysis of commercial cellulose under the same conditions. A 37% conversion yield of bio-oil was obtained for the best conditions. 展开更多
    关键词 Energy Conversion Bio-Oil Biomass Pyrolysis Reactor Olive Mill Solid Wastes SBA-15 Mesoporous Silica
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    文章速递The Status of Canopy Density and above Ground Biomass along the Northern Coastal Forest Zone of Tanzania 认领
    作者 Iddi H. Hassan Makarius V. Mdemu 《林学期刊(英文)》 2021年第1期47-60,共14页
    Canopy density and forest biomass estimation </span></span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;&qu... Canopy density and forest biomass estimation </span></span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;">are</span></span></span><span><span><span style="font-family:""><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> critical for </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">understanding</span> <span style="font-family:Verdana;">of</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> the carbon cycle, climate change </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">and</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> detecting </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">health</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> status of the forest ecosystems. This study was conducted on the coastal </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">forests</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> reserves in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania. A systematic sampling design was used to establish a total of 110 temporary sample plots in all study sites. The stratification of the forests was adopted to identify closed </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">forest</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> patches with less anthropogenic effects. The study assessed the forest canopy density and above ground biomass with relative carbon stock for closed forest classes. Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park in Zanzibar recorded higher average canopy densities of 63% followed by Ngezi (46%), Pugu forests (26%) </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">and</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> Kazimzumbwi (16%). However, </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">Ngezi</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> forest had higher forest biomass than all study sites with </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">the overall</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> mean AGB of 138.5 </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">tAGB</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">/ha equivalent to carbon stock of 67.9 tC/ha. Tree species, </span><i><span style="font-family:Verdana;">Bombax</span></i> <i><span style="font-family:Verdana;">rhodognaphala</span></i><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> (Msufi </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">mwitu</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">) and </span><i><span style="font-family:Verdana;">Antiaris</span></i> <i><span style="font-family:Verdana;">toxicaria</span></i><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> (Mgulele) recorded </span></span></span></span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;">the </span></span></span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;">highest biomass of 1099</span></span></span><span><span><span style="font-family:""> </span></span></span><span><span><span style="font-family:""><span style="font-family:Verdana;">tABG/ha and 703 </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">tAGB</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">/ha (equivalent to 538 </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">tC</span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">/ha and (345 tC/ha)</span></span></span></span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;">)</span></span></span><span><span><span style="font-family:""><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> respectively. The study revealed that about 35% of the total closed forest patches at Pugu FR </span><span style="font-family:Verdana;">w</span></span></span></span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;">ere</span></span></span><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"><span style="font-family:Verdana;"> covered by lower canopy density which accounted about 490 ha. Kazimzumbwi FR was dominated by lower canopy density which represented about 64% of the total forest cover area (1750 ha). 展开更多
    关键词 Coastal Forests Canopy Density Forest Biomass Carbon Density Pugu and Kazimzumbwi Forests Jozani-Chwaka Bay National Park Ngezi Nature Reserve Tanzania
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    缺素对甜菜幼苗生长和生理的影响 认领
    作者 沙红 高燕 +2 位作者 董心久 高卫时 杨洪泽 《中国糖料》 2021年第1期23-28,共6页
    以‘新甜14号’和‘Bata218’为材料,采用室内营养液栽培试验,研究了甜菜幼苗分别在氮、磷、钾、钙、镁、硫、铁缺乏及全素(CK)8个处理条件下的缺素症状和植株生物量变化,以及生理指标的改变。结果表明,分别在7种缺素条件下,甜菜植株光... 以‘新甜14号’和‘Bata218’为材料,采用室内营养液栽培试验,研究了甜菜幼苗分别在氮、磷、钾、钙、镁、硫、铁缺乏及全素(CK)8个处理条件下的缺素症状和植株生物量变化,以及生理指标的改变。结果表明,分别在7种缺素条件下,甜菜植株光合产物积累均明显降低,地上部分和地下根部均表现出各种营养元素缺乏时特有的症状,缺素会影响甜菜植株生长。氮素缺乏对两个甜菜品种幼苗生长有极显著影响;其他6种营养元素缺乏时,甜菜幼苗叶鲜重、干重和根鲜重较对照差异显著,株高和根系总长差异不显著。营养元素缺失引起甜菜生理代谢发生改变,MDA的含量较对照有显著提高,电导率变化不明显。 展开更多
    关键词 甜菜 营养元素缺乏 缺素症状 生长 生理 生物量
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    离子液体在生物质溶解分离中的应用与机理研究 认领
    作者 赵金政 周国辉 刘晓敏 《化工学报》 EI CAS 北大核心 2021年第1期247-258,共12页
    生物质是自然界中最丰富的可再生资源之一,将生物质转化为高附加值化工产品首先要进行生物质预处理,即利用物理、化学和生物等手段削弱细胞壁分子之间的作用,使生物质更容易降解。离子液体具有诸多优异的物理和化学性质,在众多领域引起... 生物质是自然界中最丰富的可再生资源之一,将生物质转化为高附加值化工产品首先要进行生物质预处理,即利用物理、化学和生物等手段削弱细胞壁分子之间的作用,使生物质更容易降解。离子液体具有诸多优异的物理和化学性质,在众多领域引起了广泛关注,近年来在生物质预处理过程中同样展现出良好的效果。综述了近年来离子液体作为木质纤维素溶剂的主要研究成果,重点介绍了溶解机理方面相关研究。介绍了阴阳离子种类及氢键的影响,总结了木质纤维素与离子液体在分子水平上的相互作用机制,最后探讨了离子液体溶解生物质方面的发展前景。 展开更多
    关键词 离子液体 生物质 木质纤维素 溶解 计算机模拟
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    生物质制5-HMF 及其非均相催化剂-溶剂体系研究进展 认领
    作者 唐玉梅 《广州化工》 CAS 2021年第2期16-18,共3页
    5-羟甲基糠醛(5-HMF)是一种重要的生物质基平台分子,是制备多种精细化合物的中间体。近年来,有关5-HMF制备及影响因素的探究都得到了不断的扩展。本文简单介绍了生物质转化为5-HMF的反应机理,描述了以各种生物质资源底物(果糖、葡萄糖... 5-羟甲基糠醛(5-HMF)是一种重要的生物质基平台分子,是制备多种精细化合物的中间体。近年来,有关5-HMF制备及影响因素的探究都得到了不断的扩展。本文简单介绍了生物质转化为5-HMF的反应机理,描述了以各种生物质资源底物(果糖、葡萄糖、纤维素)制备5-HMF的反应路径以及难点,阐述了制备过程中主要非均相催化剂—溶剂体系对的影响,总结了当前研究的进展。 展开更多
    关键词 5-羟甲基糠醛 生物质 非均相催化剂 溶剂体系
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    大尺寸生物质层燃煤炉三维数值模拟 认领
    作者 林伟 《工业加热》 CAS 2021年第1期40-42,共3页
    正转炉排锅炉广泛应用在工业固体生物质燃烧,从而用于供热和发电。此种类型的燃炉允许使用多种燃料,甚至包括水分和灰分含量高的燃料。然而,生物质锅炉存在一些关键问题,如污染物排放或锅炉老化现象,这些问题会降低锅炉的效率或损坏锅炉... 正转炉排锅炉广泛应用在工业固体生物质燃烧,从而用于供热和发电。此种类型的燃炉允许使用多种燃料,甚至包括水分和灰分含量高的燃料。然而,生物质锅炉存在一些关键问题,如污染物排放或锅炉老化现象,这些问题会降低锅炉的效率或损坏锅炉。CFD工具可以用来研究生物质燃烧系统,为锅炉的优化运行和设计提供有用的信息。采用欧拉固定床生物质燃烧模型,结合CFD商业程序ANSYS Fluent对大型移动炉排生物质燃烧炉进行了数值模拟。同时编写程序,使模型操作适应本案的特点。数值计算结果与文献中的实验数据进行了比较,验证模拟的可靠性。 展开更多
    关键词 生物质 层燃煤炉 三维模拟
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    基于TRNSYS的北方农村太阳能与生物质锅炉联合供暖系统优化分析 认领
    作者 杨雪秀 赵薇 满鑫香 《辽宁工业大学学报:自然科学版》 2021年第1期43-48,共6页
    研究了太阳能与生物质锅炉联合供暖系统在我国北方农村的应用,目前太阳能和生物质能为中国北方地区农村采暖较佳用能。以辽宁锦州某单体式建筑采暖系统为研究案例,利用DeST软件搭建北方农村单体式建筑模型,以动态负荷为基础搭建太阳能... 研究了太阳能与生物质锅炉联合供暖系统在我国北方农村的应用,目前太阳能和生物质能为中国北方地区农村采暖较佳用能。以辽宁锦州某单体式建筑采暖系统为研究案例,利用DeST软件搭建北方农村单体式建筑模型,以动态负荷为基础搭建太阳能与生物质锅炉联合供暖系统的TRNSYS模型。通过改变太阳能集热器面积与蓄热水箱体积占比来确定参数值,结合费用年值法进行分析。结果表明,该研究案例下,在集热器面积为50 m2、蓄热水箱体积为2.1 m3时,所耗费用最低为4910元/a,太阳能保证率达到62%,此时系统的经济性最佳。 展开更多
    关键词 太阳能 生物质 TRNSYS 集热器面积和蓄热水箱体积配比 经济性分析
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    废旧脲醛树脂热处理研究进展 认领
    作者 刘林 罗思义 +3 位作者 方玲 彭博 邴慧琳 张琮 《青岛理工大学学报》 CAS 2021年第1期126-133,共8页
    传统的堆砌、焚烧等方式都不能实现对废旧树脂的环保、高效的回收利用,热解处理因二次污染小、产物可回收,在有机固废无害化、能源化处理领域应用较为广泛.对脲醛树脂的焚烧、水解、热解3种热处理方式进行了综合比较,对热解产物特征、... 传统的堆砌、焚烧等方式都不能实现对废旧树脂的环保、高效的回收利用,热解处理因二次污染小、产物可回收,在有机固废无害化、能源化处理领域应用较为广泛.对脲醛树脂的焚烧、水解、热解3种热处理方式进行了综合比较,对热解产物特征、回收利用途径进行了系统性的总结,并指出了脲醛树脂与生物质共热解技术存在的问题以及未来研究方向.废旧树脂热解气态产物中CO2,NH3,CH4等含量较高,如何实现其安全、有效与清洁利用是热解技术需重点解决的问题;热解固态产物电化学性能优良,表面孔隙结构发达,有望作为催化剂载体、吸附剂和超级电容器的原料.废旧树脂参与到生物质热解过程中会导致产物中氮化物含量的增加,含氮官能团的存在对于提升多孔碳吸附性能和电化学性能有利,存在于液态产物中则表现出良好的抑菌能力,但热解气中的氮化物会在燃烧过程中转化为氮氧化合物形成新的污染. 展开更多
    关键词 脲醛树脂 热解 焚烧 生物质
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    固体酸在生物质转化为乙酰丙酸酯中的应用研究进展 认领
    作者 田益 施菁欣 +3 位作者 汪娅琴 赵文广 刘贤响 尹笃林 《石油化工》 CAS 北大核心 2021年第1期94-101,共8页
    综述了利用固体酸催化生物质转化为乙酰丙酸酯的方法,包括乙酰丙酸酯化法、糠醇醇解法和纤维素醇解法,介绍了不同催化体系的应用和发展,概述了催化反应机理。分析了纤维素转化为乙酰丙酸酯时存在的问题,对未来生物质资源绿色转化的发展... 综述了利用固体酸催化生物质转化为乙酰丙酸酯的方法,包括乙酰丙酸酯化法、糠醇醇解法和纤维素醇解法,介绍了不同催化体系的应用和发展,概述了催化反应机理。分析了纤维素转化为乙酰丙酸酯时存在的问题,对未来生物质资源绿色转化的发展方向进行了展望,包括深入研究反应机理,设计廉价安全、循环使用性能好的催化剂,探索将纤维素等生物质一锅法高效易分离地转化为乙酰丙酸酯的方法等。 展开更多
    关键词 生物质 乙酰丙酸酯 固体酸 催化
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    生物质热解制备高品质生物油研究进展 认领
    作者 仉利 姚宗路 +4 位作者 赵立欣 李志合 易维明 付鹏 袁超 《化工进展》 EI CAS 北大核心 2021年第1期139-150,共12页
    生物质热解制备生物油是能源富集的有效途径,是实现碳闭路循环的重要方式,作为一种环境友好型技术受到广泛关注和研究。然而,生物质热解反应过程复杂,生成的生物油热值低、含氧量高及强酸性等特点,制约了生物油的分离提纯、制备合成气... 生物质热解制备生物油是能源富集的有效途径,是实现碳闭路循环的重要方式,作为一种环境友好型技术受到广泛关注和研究。然而,生物质热解反应过程复杂,生成的生物油热值低、含氧量高及强酸性等特点,制约了生物油的分离提纯、制备合成气以及燃烧等方面的应用,生物油品质的提升迫在眉睫。本文从生物质三组分、原料预处理、反应参数、催化剂、反应器等方面综述了影响生物油品质的主要因素,分析了生物油的特点,不同预处理下生物质特性的变化与生物油的关系,催化剂参与的热解行为对提升生物油品质的导向作用以及常用生物质热解反应器的特点,并对影响生物油品质的主要因素进行了总结。最后,针对影响制备高品质生物油的诸多因素提出建议,以期为制备高品质生物油提供参考和借鉴。 展开更多
    关键词 生物质 热解 生物油 预处理 催化剂 失活
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    不同放牧强度对糙隐子草功能性状的影响 认领
    作者 安景源 李西良 +5 位作者 丁勇 李芳 郭丰辉 马晖玲 高韶勃 李元恒 《中国草地学报》 北大核心 2021年第1期50-57,共8页
    以典型草原退化群落优势种糙隐子草为研究对象,探究其植株茎秆、叶片、根系等形态特征及生物量等功能性状指标对不同放牧强度的响应,结果表明:(1)轻度放牧和适度放牧对糙隐子草茎叶功能性状指标均无显著影响,重度放牧和极重度放牧使糙... 以典型草原退化群落优势种糙隐子草为研究对象,探究其植株茎秆、叶片、根系等形态特征及生物量等功能性状指标对不同放牧强度的响应,结果表明:(1)轻度放牧和适度放牧对糙隐子草茎叶功能性状指标均无显著影响,重度放牧和极重度放牧使糙隐子草的株高较对照显著降低20.24%和21.09%,使糙隐子草的叶长较对照显著降低23.50%和23.24%,而重度放牧使糙隐子草的茎粗较对照显著增加35.00%。(2)糙隐子草根系总根长、表面积、体积等性状指标均随放牧强度的增加呈现先减小后增大的趋势,在重度放牧处理下最低,极重牧处理下有所升高。(3)糙隐子草茎秆和根系生物量性状指标随着放牧强度的增加呈现先减小后增大的趋势,叶片生物量性状指标随着放牧强度的增加呈现先增大后减小再增大的趋势,其值均在重牧处理最低。(4)Pearson相关分析发现糙隐子草的株高、叶长、分蘖数与地上生物量均呈显著相关关系;根系生物量与总根长、表面积、体积、根尖数均呈极显著相关关系;地上生物量与根系物量之间呈极显著相关关系。研究表明,糙隐子草是通过改变茎秆、叶片、根系功能性状,调整其生存策略适应放牧环境变化,以保证在典型草原放牧生态系统中的存在比率。 展开更多
    关键词 糙隐子草 放牧强度 功能性状 根系 生物量
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    In-vitro assessment for the control of Fusarium species using a lactic acid bacterium isolated from yellow pitahaya(Selenicereus megalanthus(K. Schum. Ex Vaupel Moran)) 认领
    作者 Leidy J.VALENCIA-HERNANDEZ Karina LóOPEZ-LóPEZ +2 位作者 Eyder D.GóMEZ-LóPEZ Liliana SERNACOCK Cristobal N.AGUILAR 《农业科学学报:英文版》 SCIE CAS 2021年第1期159-167,共9页
    The fungistatic activity of a lactic acid bacterium, which had been isolated from yellow pitahaya cultures, against fungi associated with basal rot(Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium fujikuroi) was measured in the presen... The fungistatic activity of a lactic acid bacterium, which had been isolated from yellow pitahaya cultures, against fungi associated with basal rot(Fusarium oxysporum and Fusarium fujikuroi) was measured in the present study. Its activity was assessed in three fractions: fermented(S1), metabolic products(S2), and biomass(S3), using two fermentation substrates: Man Rogosa Sharpe agar(MRS) and potato dextrose agar(PDA). The bacterium was molecularly identified as Lactobacillus plantarum. S3 reduced F. fujikuroi growth by 100% over 48 h of fermentation, which occurred during the stationary phase of bacterial growth. The three fractions' fungistatic activity against F. fujikuroi depended on the substrate employed. The fermentation kinetic parameters for L. plantarum indicated that its specific growth rate was 0.46 h^–1, with 93.63% substrate consumption, 0.045 kg kg^–1 cell yield, and 0.54 kg kg^–1 product yield. The kinetic parameters calculated will allow for bacteria production scaling. These in-vitro trials reveal L. plantarum's possible application as a biocontrol agent for diseases associated with Fusarium. However, further ex-vivo and in-vivo researches are required to demonstrate its behavior in crops. 展开更多
    关键词 lactic acid bacteria FUSARIUM fungistatic activity BIOMASS yellow pitahaya
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    How precipitation and grazing influence the ecological functions of drought-prone grasslands on the northern slopes of the Tianshan Mountains, China? 认领
    作者 HUANG Xiaotao LUO Geping +6 位作者 CHEN Chunbo PENG Jian ZHANG Chujie ZHOU Huakun YAO Buqing MA Zhen XI Xiaoyan 《干旱区科学:英文版》 SCIE 2021年第1期88-97,共10页
    Drought-prone grasslands provide a critical resource for the millions of people who are dependent on livestock for food security.However,this ecosystem is potentially vulnerable to climate change(e.g.,precipitation)an... Drought-prone grasslands provide a critical resource for the millions of people who are dependent on livestock for food security.However,this ecosystem is potentially vulnerable to climate change(e.g.,precipitation)and human activity(e.g.,grazing).Despite this,the influences of precipitation and grazing on ecological functions of drought-prone grasslands in the Tianshan Mountains remain relatively unexplored.Therefore,we conducted a systematic field investigation and a clipping experiment(simulating different intensities of grazing)in a drought-prone grassland on the northern slopes of the Tianshan Mountains in China to examine the influences of precipitation and grazing on aboveground biomass(AGB),soil volumetric water content(SVWC),and precipitation use efficiency(PUE)during the period of 2014–2017.We obtained the meteorological and SVWC data using an HL20 Bowen ratio system and a PR2 soil profile hydrometer,respectively.We found that AGB was clearly affected by both the amount and seasonal pattern of precipitation,and that PUE may be relatively low in years with either low or excessive precipitation.The PUE values were generally higher in the rapid growing season(April–July)than in the entire growing season(April–October).Overall,moderate grazing can promote plant growth under water stress conditions.The SVWC value was higher in the clipped plots than in the unclipped plots in the rapid growing season(April–July),but it was lower in the clipped plots than in the unclipped plots in the slow growing season(August–October).Our findings can enhance the understanding of the ecological effects of precipitation and grazing in drought-prone grasslands and provide data that will support the effective local grassland management. 展开更多
    关键词 climate change human activity aboveground biomass precipitation use efficiency soil volumetric water content water stress
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    中国拟青霉液体深层发酵条件的优化 认领
    作者 周家萍 孟梦 夏国强 《食品研究与开发》 CAS 北大核心 2021年第1期172-176,共5页
    中国拟青霉(Paecilomyces sinensis sp nov,PS)属于冬虫夏草中的一个无性型菌株,研究表明其与冬虫夏草在生物活性成分方面十分接近。该文通过单因素和正交试验对中国拟青霉液体深层发酵进行条件优化。对中国拟青霉进行发酵培养,选取菌... 中国拟青霉(Paecilomyces sinensis sp nov,PS)属于冬虫夏草中的一个无性型菌株,研究表明其与冬虫夏草在生物活性成分方面十分接近。该文通过单因素和正交试验对中国拟青霉液体深层发酵进行条件优化。对中国拟青霉进行发酵培养,选取菌丝体生物量为指标,确定碳源、氮源和无机盐的最佳比例和最优发酵条件。中国拟青霉液体深层发酵的最佳培养基配比为:玉米粉4.0%、葡萄糖1.5%、黄豆粉2.0%、酵母粉0.3%、KH2PO40.2%、MgSO40.1%、CaSO40.1%、ZnSO40.03%。优化后的菌丝体生物量比优化前提高了1.22倍,而胞内糖肽产量与优化前相比提高了54.0%。 展开更多
    关键词 中国拟青霉 液体发酵 生物量 正交试验 工艺优化
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    负压灌溉对菠菜生长及水分利用效率的影响 认领
    作者 向艳艳 黄运湘 +4 位作者 龙怀玉 杨蕾静 黄煌 于康 欧阳宁相 《排灌机械工程学报》 EI 北大核心 2021年第1期68-74,共7页
    为筛选出南方地区菠菜生长最适宜的灌溉负压值,采用土壤盆栽试验,以人工浇灌为对照(CK),研究3个供水负压(-5.0,-10.0,-15.0 kPa)对菠菜生长、生理指标、品质指标、水分利用效率及养分吸收的影响.结果表明:-5.0 kPa负压供水,菠菜地上部产... 为筛选出南方地区菠菜生长最适宜的灌溉负压值,采用土壤盆栽试验,以人工浇灌为对照(CK),研究3个供水负压(-5.0,-10.0,-15.0 kPa)对菠菜生长、生理指标、品质指标、水分利用效率及养分吸收的影响.结果表明:-5.0 kPa负压供水,菠菜地上部产量178.2 g/pot,显著高于-10.0和-15.0 kPa,与CK差异不具有统计学意义;地下部生物量9.99 g/pot,显著高于CK和-15.0 kPa;根系活力419.0μg/(g·h),显著高于CK,-10.0和-15.0 kPa,分别提高65.3%,51.5%和91.0%;VC和可溶性糖含量分别为0.5072 mg/g和1.74%,较CK,-10.0和-15.0 kPa分别提高18.3%,10.5%,44.9%和6.1%,23.4%,47.5%.-5.0 kPa负压供水,水分利用效率为3.89 g/kg,显著高于CK和-15.0 kPa,与-10.0 kPa差异不具有统计学意义;菠菜地上部氮的累积吸收量显著高于CK,-10.0和-15.0 kPa,磷、钾累积吸收量与CK差异不具有统计学意义,但显著高于-15.0 kPa.综合菠菜产量和水分利用效率,-5.0 kPa负压供水较适合南方地区菠菜生长发育. 展开更多
    关键词 菠菜 负压灌溉 生物产量 根系活力 水分利用效率
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    水肥条件对煤矸石土壤上两种牧草光合及生物量的影响 认领
    作者 马戌 王进鑫 +1 位作者 张玉玉 胡杭丽 《水土保持研究》 北大核心 2021年第1期179-187,共9页
    西北干旱荒漠区煤矸石排放数量巨大,占用了大量土地且造成了多种污染,为了解决植被恢复面临的水分短缺、蒸发力强和养分贫瘠等困难,保证煤矸石山土壤上典型牧草能够正常存活和生长良好,试验采用二次通用旋转组合设计,测定了不同水肥条... 西北干旱荒漠区煤矸石排放数量巨大,占用了大量土地且造成了多种污染,为了解决植被恢复面临的水分短缺、蒸发力强和养分贫瘠等困难,保证煤矸石山土壤上典型牧草能够正常存活和生长良好,试验采用二次通用旋转组合设计,测定了不同水肥条件下草木樨和蒙古冰草的光合及生物量并建立了水肥耦合回归模型,得到了煤矸石山植被恢复中2种牧草的最优水肥方案。结果表明:土壤水分对2种牧草的光合及生物量最敏感;磷肥对草木樨生长的贡献大于氮肥,氮肥对蒙古冰草生长的贡献大于磷肥;草木樨的光合及生物量均远大于蒙古冰草。西北煤矸石山植被恢复的草本植物首选草木樨,其最优水肥方案为土壤相对含水量68.44%~71.84%,施氮量82.09~102.92 kg/hm 2,施磷量139.92~192.58 kg/hm 2。其次是蒙古冰草,其最优水肥方案为土壤相对含水量65.33%~71.11%,施氮量138.40~172.62 kg/hm 2,施磷量82.09~117.91 kg/hm 2。试验结果为西北干旱荒漠区采煤迹地植被恢复提供了理论依据和实践指导。 展开更多
    关键词 煤矸石 净光合速率 生物量 水肥耦合 植被恢复 模型寻优
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    提高钙钛矿量子点稳定性的研究进展 认领
    作者 吕斌 郭旭 +2 位作者 高党鸽 马建中 麻冬 《化工进展》 EI CAS 北大核心 2021年第1期247-258,共12页
    钙钛矿量子点具有发光谱带较窄、发光可调、量子效率高等优异的光学性能,在发光二极管、激光发射器等领域广受关注。但是钙钛矿量子点由于强离子性、高表面能及表面配体易迁移等特性而对环境高度敏感,使其在实际应用中受到限制。本文简... 钙钛矿量子点具有发光谱带较窄、发光可调、量子效率高等优异的光学性能,在发光二极管、激光发射器等领域广受关注。但是钙钛矿量子点由于强离子性、高表面能及表面配体易迁移等特性而对环境高度敏感,使其在实际应用中受到限制。本文简要介绍了钙钛矿量子点结构和不稳定的原因,综述了近年来提高钙钛矿量子点稳定性的主要方法,重点从离子掺杂、表面钝化、表面包覆及多重保护4个方面展开论述。最后从绿色环保的角度出发,对高稳定生物质基钙钛矿量子点材料的制备进行了展望,提出使用具有特定结构的生物质材料及其衍生材料取代传统石油基试剂作为配体、溶剂或吸附重金属离子的外壳材料,可加速钙钛矿量子点朝着绿色低毒的方向发展。 展开更多
    关键词 钙钛矿 量子点 稳定性 生物质
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    Soil and water conservation measures improve soil carbon sequestration and soil quality under cashews 认领
    作者 Gopal Ramdas Mahajan Bappa Das +12 位作者 Sandrasekaran Manivannan Begur Lakshminarasimha Manjunath Ram Ratan Verma Sujeet Desai Rahul Mukund Kulkarni Ashish Marotrao Latare Reshma Sale Dayesh Murgaonkar Kiran Puna Patel Shaiesh Morajkar Ashwini Desai Natasha Barnes Heena Mulla 《国际泥沙研究:英文版》 SCIE 2021年第2期190-206,共17页
    Land degradation is becoming a serious problem in the west coast region of India where one of the world's eight biodiversity hotspots,the‘Western Ghats’,is present.Poor land management practices and high rainfal... Land degradation is becoming a serious problem in the west coast region of India where one of the world's eight biodiversity hotspots,the‘Western Ghats’,is present.Poor land management practices and high rainfall have led to increasing problems associated with land degradation.A long-term(13-year)experiment was done to evaluate the impact of soil and water conservation measures on soil carbon sequestration and soil quality at three different depths under cashew nut cultivation on a 19%slope.Five soil and water conservation measures-continuous contour trenches,staggered contour trenches,halfmoon terraces,semi-elliptical trenches,and graded trenches all with vegetative barriers of Stylosanthes scabra and Vetiveria zizanoides and control were evaluated for their influence on soil properties,carbon sequestration,and soil quality under cashews.The soil and water conservation measures improved significantly the soil organic carbon,soil organic carbon stock,carbon sequestration rate and microbial activity compared to the control condition(without any measures).Among the measures tested,continuous contour trenches with vegetative barriers outperformed the others with respect to soil organic carbon stock,sequestration rate,and microbial activity.The lower metabolic quotient with the measures compared to the control indicated alleviation of environmental stress on microbes.Using principal component analysis and a correlation matrix,a minimum dataset was identified as the soil available nitrogen,bulk density,basal soil respiration,soil pH,acid phosphatase activity,and soil available boron and these were the most important soil properties controlling the soil quality.Four soil quality indices using two summation methods(additive and weighted)and two scoring methods(linear and non-linear)were developed using the minimum dataset.A linear weighted soil quality index was able to statistically differentiate the effect of soil and water conservation measures from that of the control.The highest value of the soil quality index 展开更多
    关键词 Land degradation Microbial activity Microbial biomass carbon Minimum dataset Soil erosion Western Ghats
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    凹凸棒石/炭复合吸附材料研究进展 认领
    作者 宗莉 唐洁 +1 位作者 牟斌 王爱勤 《化工进展》 EI CAS 北大核心 2021年第1期282-296,共15页
    近年来,黏土矿物/炭复合吸附材料因具有来源丰富、结构可控和性能稳定等特点,成为碳基复合吸附材料研究热点之一。凹凸棒石是一种天然含水富镁铝硅酸盐黏土矿物,独特的孔道结构和一维棒晶使其成为理想的吸附材料和载体材料。本文综述了... 近年来,黏土矿物/炭复合吸附材料因具有来源丰富、结构可控和性能稳定等特点,成为碳基复合吸附材料研究热点之一。凹凸棒石是一种天然含水富镁铝硅酸盐黏土矿物,独特的孔道结构和一维棒晶使其成为理想的吸附材料和载体材料。本文综述了凹凸棒石/炭复合吸附材料的研究进展,围绕自然资源的高值化和废弃物的资源化利用,着重介绍了利用凹凸棒石脱色废土构筑环境友好型凹凸棒石/炭复合吸附材料的方法及再生应用进展,总结比较了不同方法制备复合吸附材料的形貌和性质及其对不同类型污染物的去除效果,并展望了凹凸棒石/炭复合吸附材料的未来发展方向,以期为黏土矿物/炭复合材料的研发及其在环境修复领域中的应用提供技术支撑。 展开更多
    关键词 凹凸棒石 生物质 复合材料 脱色废土 吸附剂
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